Virus Removal Service

We offer a thorough Virus Removal service, including Adware & Spyware removal.


Not only do we remove the virus, but your computer is also cleaned from spyware, malware, trojans, and worms. Various programs are updated to help prevent future problems. You will have programs installed and be trained on how to use to keep your computer running fast.  Most of the time we can keep all your programs in place without wiping everything out.

Various options are available to meet your needs:

  • Onsite at your business or home
  • Pickup, repair, and return back to you
  • Remote Access

What is a Computer Virus, Spyware, Malware, Trojan, or Worm?

A computer may have a Virus, Spyware, Malware, Trojan, or Worm, what the heck do these words mean?  In simple street terms, it means the Computer is jacked up!  Seriously, the following are the definitions of the nasty programs.

Virus: Like a biological virus, a computer virus is something you don’t want to get. Computer viruses are small programs or scripts that can negatively affect the health of your computer. These malicious little programs can create files, move files, erase files, consume your computer’s memory, and cause your computer not to function correctly. Some viruses can duplicate themselves, attach themselves to programs, and travel across networks. In fact, opening an infected e-mail attachment is the most common way to get a virus.

Spyware:  As the name implies, this is software that “spies” on your computer. Nobody likes to be spied on, and your computer doesn’t like it either. Spyware can capture information like Web browsing habits, e-mail messages, usernames and passwords, and credit card information. If left unchecked, the software can transmit this data to another person’s computer over the Internet.

Malware:  Short for “malicious software,” malware refers to software programs designed to damage or do other unwanted actions on a computer system. In Spanish, “mal” is a prefix that means “bad,” making the term “badware,” which is a good way to remember it.

Worms: Just like regular worms tunnel through dirt and soil, computer worms tunnel through your computer’s memory and hard drive. A computer worm is a type of virus that replicates itself, but does not alter any files on your machine. However, worms can still cause havoc by multiplying so many times that they take up all your computer’s available memory or hard disk space. If a worm consumes your memory, your computer will run very slowly and possibly even crash. If the worm affects your hard disk space, your computer will take a long time to access files and you will not be able to save or create new files until the worm has been eradicated.

Trojan Horse: Trojan horses are software programs that masquerade as regular programs, such as games, disk utilities, and even antivirus programs. But if they are run, these programs can do malicious things to your computer.

Definitions are from the Tech Terms Dictionary.