What Others Are Saying About Joe the Techno-Nerd… Computer Repair & Virus Removal in Lake County Illinois

“Joe is like having your own personal IT staff for your home or small business. He’s come to our rescue during our busy tax season on more than one occasion. We couldn’t run our office without him.” Julie Eckard – Owner Aapril Tax Service Inc.

“Joe  is the person I go to when I need help with my wireless home network. I am very knowledgeable with respect to computers and programs, but not networks. Joe has set up my home networks twice. He is an expert and completed the work in a short time and at reasonable cost. I highly recommend Joe for his computer skills.” Mel Metts Grayslake IL

“Joe has been our sole computer technician since 1990. The reason that there has been such a long term relationship is because Joe has always come when needed, and is very knowledgeable with a variety of computer systems. We use a property management system, and Joe has taken the time to learn our system and keep it running. We would not trust another technician to service this system, it is the life of the business.

Joe is very professional and conscientious with his work. If he has to take your computer to repair, he returns it in a timely manner because he knows that without our computers our business is on hold.

I highly recommend Joe if you are interested in quality work and a technician who responds quickly. Joe has a great background education in computer technology and has work for several banks keeping their systems up and running. We all know that if the bank systems go down, it is difficult for all business.

Joe’s motto “Joe knows business” is a true statement — he DOES KNOW HIS BUSINESS!” – Carolyn Lewis, Alanwood Associates, Libertyville IL

“I hired Joe to fix my computer. He was here the day I called. WOW! He was honest, affordable and VERY helpful. I also have been networking with Joe for the last month or so. I have found him forthright and I feel extremely comfortable with my dealings with him. I highly recommend him for his abilities and products. Thanks for a job well done.” Annie Anderson-Brooks

“Hey Everyone, just wanted to let you know that Joe really fixed my computer a few weeks ago!! He can even take care of problems from a remote which is great! I recommend him highly for any computer glitches you may be having!!! Thanks Joe!” Dianne Daluga, Gurnee Il.

“I highly recommend Joe for computer tech work. I have known Joe for a long time and valuable his reliability and excellent work at a reasonable price.” Kitty Shumaker, Waukegan,IL

“I live and die by my computer. And you’d think that someone who uses it all the time would know more about the darn thing. But unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Thankfully I’ve got Joe on speed dial. Something weird happens with my stuff and I’m calling Joe. He figures it out, gets it fixed, and makes sure I’m back up and working darn fast. And that’s what it’s all about. Joe isn’t just an IT guy, he’s a productivity insurance policy. So, do yourself a favor. Put Joe’s contact info in your smartphone and the next time the network thingy isn’t playing nice with the scanner gadget, call Joe. Simple. Productive.” Mark Lewis, The Right Words Sell, Grayslake IL

“Joe did a fantastic job with my laptop, the work was done very quickly and over the weekend as I needed it for work Monday!!! My laptop has not run so efficiently since it was new. In addition, Joe spoke to my level of computer knowledge, realizing we are not all IT literate. He also took the time to sit down with me when I picked up my laptop and explain what was done. He included value-added service by installing the potential for future remote access and several cleaning programs which he showed me how to run in order to keep my laptop performing well.I would use and recommend Joe again. I plan on bringing in my kids’ computer so he can work his magic on that one as well.” Anne F. Lake Villa, IL

“Joe is the very best computer professional I have ever known. Joe is always willing to take my call & to help me out in a timely matter. My laptop recently went out on Monday & Joe called me back that night! He then met me on my lunch the next day to look at my laptop. After doing some things he recommended me to buy a new laptop. I did that on Thursday, and he was able to get it all up & running for me that night after 8:00! He did great work and he really took care of me. I love my new laptop & I appreciate Joe in his abilities to help me in such an incredible fashion. I will always recommend & only recommend Joe in any computer work, with his passion & excellence to deliver the value that he does!! Thank you very much Joe!” Matt Mabbitt Fox Lake Illinois

My roommate had Joe come over to fix some issues with her computer. When he was done, I had him take a look at mine, which had been running extremely slowly due to getting infected with malware/viruses. Joe did a tremendous job getting my computer cleaned up and it runs like new again! I’m extremely happy with the job he did and am relieved to have my computer running so well. Joe is a patient guy and spent all the time that was necessary to answer my questions and concerns. He went above and beyond the call of duty. I’ve already recommended him to my brother and his wife who have a law office computer network that needs some attention. I’d highly recommend Joe to any of my friends and family. Great work, Joe! Ted C. Libertyville, IL

“my girl found Joe on the internet. we met Joe and he came over her house and started to work on her computer. her computer was really slow also had alot of issues with it. after about two hours her computer is now back to normal. logging in now is a breeze. now my girlfriend is now a happy trooper. she can email and do her Farmville with no problem. my girlfriend thanks you and I thank you. good job Joe!! (thumbs up)”

“Joe is his best advertisement! He is knowledgeable, reliable, fast, informative. A real plus is Joe makes customer service a priority. My computer crashed on a Saturday and I was stuck! I found Joe’s web site and decided to call him. I am glad I did! I had my computer up and running the very same day. When someone enjoys what they do you can tell because Joe is excellent! This was my first time using Joe’s services. I was very pleased and will continue to use him. I highly recommend him. You won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend Joe for any computer tech work. He was prompt in replying to my initial inquiries and although he is busy, he was able to complete my project (a series of issues) within a couple days. In addition, he has a great easy going personality and since I am not a techie, he was willing to listen to all my questions and answer them, too. He was professional, an expert AND personable.” Holly Nagel