W.I.N With Passion

Win with Passion

W.I.N.  With  Passion

“Positive thinking is powerful, but you can’t think your way to success. You have to burn your way there. Set yourself on fire with PASSION and pursue what makes you feel alive.”  (Billy Alsbrooks)

W.I.N with Passion: Why Passion Matters, Identify Your Passions, Never give up on your passions.

Why Passion Matters.

A. What is Passion?

           Passion is something that energizes or excites you.

B. Why Passion Matters.

  1. Passion energies you and fuels your success
  2. Passion gives you something to get excited about
  3. Passion improves your health
  4. Passion strengthens your confidence
  5. Passion inspires persistence

C. Speaking with Passion.

I have seen too many speeches given without passion. Regardless of how good the content or organization was, if it was not delivered with passion, it was hard to keep my interest and it did not move me. I rather see a poor speech given with passion than a good speech given without passion.

Marty Jalove,  (District 30, 2020 Humorous speech contest winner) said “The best speeches are filled with passion and delivered with passion”

Identify Your Passions – Make your list

A. Write down the things that energize you. Write down what excites you. What Fires you up? What makes you feel alive?

What profession would you do even if you didn’t get paid?

Who do you find yourself envious of and look at their life and think how awesome it would be if you did that? 

What causes and hobbies do you love and that brings you genuine happiness. What do you enjoy doing that doesn’t feel like work?

Your passions are the things that make you excited; you want to talk about it and you don’t mind putting a lot of time toward it.

Self-Assessment Questions:

(From Billy Alsbrooks “Blessed and Unstoppable”, Day 6, Follow Your Passion.)

What makes me feel alive on the inside?
What sparks my creativity?
What job of profession would I do whether I got paid or not?
What are some of my favorite topics of conversation?
What was the last thing I can remember doing that I totally lost track of time?
If Money wasn’t an issue, what profession or cause would I get involved in?
What’s my favorite section of the bookstore?
If I could do one thing to change the world today what would it be?
What would be my top three dream jobs?
If I could start my own business today what would it be?
What three skills do I possess that I love and enjoy to do?
What would I need to change in order to do my passion full time?
What’s the worse thing that could happen if I pursued my passion full speed?
Which is more important to me avoiding failure or living out my dream?

B. Forget about the reasons you think you can’t. – Write it down anyways

Don’t think you either can’t have it because you don’t think you’re smart enough or good enough or worthy enough or maybe you think you’re too old or you’ve told yourself you can’t make a living doing it or have a hard time thinking you could be successful doing it. If you did not care what anybody else thought, what would you be doing with your life? Don’t let concerns making a living stop you from putting something on your list. Ask yourself this, if you took money off the table, if you didn’t have to pay the bills doing it, what would you do with your life.

C. Author’s story about making his list.

It took some time to make the list and it was worth it. I had to really think about what I was interested it. Thinking in terms of what energizes me made it easier. The obstacles I had to overcome were to write things down that I wanted to do even though I don’t have the ability now or the belief that I could do it. I just needed to make the list. Then I did it a second time and the top 3 things on both lists were clear that those are the top things to pursue. For me it’s inspiring others, public speaking and trail running.

Never Give Up On Your Passions

Passions can change over time, as you pursue new passions, old ones may fade. Remember if you drains you or you dread doing it, it’s not a passion anymore, then it’s ok to quit.

If something energies or excites you, pursue it and don’t quit! Quitters never win, Winners never quit. Take time every day to learn and pursue your passions.

Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.

Positive affirmation: “I commit today to moving towards my passion. Inside, I feel the most alive when I am passionately doing the things I love. Each day I will perfect my craft until I can do it full-time” (From Billy Alsrooks “Blessed and Unstoppable”, Day 6, Follow Your Passion)


Recap and Challenge

 W.I.N. With Passion:

Why Passion Matters – Passion will energize and excites you, it will drive you to success

Identify your Passions – Make your list

Never Give Up on your passions – Keep pursing your passions and WIN

I challenge you to W.I.N. with passion




The K.E.Y to Unlocking Your Passions

The K.E.Y to Unlocking Your Passions

(Click to see Video)

The Key Story.

I received a large envelope from a dear friend, inside was a letter and a key with a word engraved in it. I was thinking WHAT is this about?  Have you ever heard of a giving key or inspiration key? I did not until I got this letter.  It is basically a key that has a word on it that holds meaning for the person carrying it, then one day in the future you pass it on to someone who you think needs that in their life or you believe embodies that word. The letter went on to say that after watching my Ice Breaker speech; “Set Yourself on Fire”, she knew that I was the person who should have this key. Take guess at what is on the key. Believe it or not, it’s the word FIRE.

The KEY to unlocking your passions.

The K in the Key to unlocking your Passion is Know what passion is and is not.

Know what passion is and is not.

According to Mel Robbins, “Passion is not a person, place, or thing, it is the feeling of being energized.”

In other words: Passion is just energy, it is something you feel, passion is something that energizes you.

Let’s redefine passion as something that energizes or excites you.

The E in the Key to Unlocking your Passions is Explore your passions by making a list.

Explore your passions by making a list.

Your passions are inside of you, take some time, and explore these. Write down what energizes you. Write down what excites you. What Fires you up?  Use F.I.R.E to remember some guidelines when making your list.

  1. Forget the reasons you think you can’t. Don’t think you either can’t have it because you don’t think you’re smart enough or good enough or worthy enough or maybe you think you’re too old or you’ve told yourself you can’t make a living doing it or have a hard time thinking you could be successful doing it. If you did not care what anybody else thought, what would you be doing with your life?
  2. Income. Don’t let concerns making a living stop you from putting something on your list. Ask yourself this, if you took money off the table if you didn’t have to pay the bills doing it, what would you do with your life.
  3. Repeat making your list on another day without looking at your first list, then look at both lists for things that appear on each list.
  4. Envy. Who do you find yourself envious of and look at their life and think how awesome it would be if you did that.

The Y in the Key to unlocking your passions is Yearn for your passions.


Yearn for your passions

Have a strong desire to live out your passions and start pursuing them.

LIVE out your passions.

  1. Learn all you can – Make use of Google, YouTube, classes, and everything else you can find.
  2. Invest your time and money in pursuing your passions.
  3. Visit with others that are doing what you want to do.
  4. Exercise your passions through massive activity

Recap and Challenge

The K.E.Y to unlocking your passions is:

Know what passion is – simply something that energizes or excites you

Explore your passions – make your list

Yearn for your passions – have a strong desire to live out your passions by learning and doing.

My challenge to you is to get out your KEY and unlock your passions.


Be Kind: Practice Physical Distancing, NOT Social Distancing

be kind

(A video version is available at https://youtu.be/iAtudR0IA-E)

We need to show and receive kindness now more than ever. The first point is going to explain the title and why I made this. Second, I will talk about showing kindness. Third, give you some kindness challenges.

Why this title and this post?

“Be Kind: Practice Physical Distancing, NOT Social Distancing” and why I made it was inspired by one of my dear Extrovert friends. Awhile back I saw a Facebook post that read. “How about we call it “PHYSICAL” distancing versus “social” distancing? For those of us (extreme) extroverts ….  Friends strengthen our life lines. Check up on people. It’s all about connection & PHYSICAL, NOT social distancing (stoopidest phrase EVER) I’m here for you & we can be here for one another”

Well Said! I totally agree that Social Distancing is a stupid and incorrect phrase!  I have thought about this many times and wanted to encourage people to reach out especially to their extrovert friends and loved ones, and even us introverts could use a little more connection.

The first part of the title “Be kind” is because we need it now more than ever. In addition to being kind to others, we need to remember to be kind to ourselves. A quote from Proverbs 11:25 “The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.”

Showing kindness

Show kindness by reaching out to people to encourage and support them. Let them know you are thinking of them and how much you care about them and appreciate them. A few kind words can make a big difference. There are so many ways to show kindness, be creative.

These are a few ways to get you started:

  1. Send an encouraging text message
  2. Send a direct message
  3. Write a note, send a card, or email
  4. Go old school, yo, pick up the phone and make a call
  5. Do a private or group video chat or meeting
  6. Send a link to a song or video that you think would help

The next idea might be outside of your comfort zone (I get it).

Quick story: Sunday night I made personalized videos for 2 friends. In one of the videos I was on a roll and in closing I said Love you. I was surprised I said it and was thinking, I hope she doesn’t take it the wrong way. I messaged her about it and loved her response “We all need to spread more love now a days!” This post was made in part to spread more love. This story is to make a point: TELL someone you love them!

Kindness Challenge

I challenge you to do as many of these challenges as you can.

  1. Reach out to at least 3 people in the next 3 days
  2. Tell 2 people that you love them, bonus points if you do it by phone or any type of video
  3. Make a personalized video or audio recording and send it to a friend or family member
  4. Post something encouraging and kind on Facebook
  5. To the non-huggers, when things get back to “normal”, hug 3 of your hugger friends


Be Kind: Practice Physical Distancing, NOT Social Distancing. Reach out others and show extra kindness and love. I challenge you to get busy and do these kindness challenges.

5 Ways to Make Winter Running Fun

5 Ways to Make Winter Running Fun

These trail pictures were taken at Chain O'Lakes State Park, Albion Indiana, where the GE40 and IT 100 Trail Races are held.

Do you avoid running in the winter? You don’t have to. These tips will help make your winter running fun. If you are like me and want to avoid the “Dreadmill”, proper preparation will keep you outside and enjoying your run.

1. Adjust your training time and route

Winter running means less daylight and colder temperatures. Early morning or evening times are dark and the coldest. Whenever possible, adjust your running times accordingly. If you have a flexible work schedule, go in early or stay late and take a longer lunch break to get in your running during daylight and a warmer time of day. On the weekends, plan your runs for the warmest part of the day.

Plan your route and where you will park. You should plan your route with access to bathrooms and your car in mind. If you have to drive a little farther to train at a park with heated bathrooms, it is worth the drive. Use the bathrooms and your car like an aid station; as place to warm up and change clothes.Keep your out and back or loops short, this will give you more access to keep warm or if needed shorten your run. Another benefit will be for water refills to help avoid freezing, more on this in tip number 5.

2. Choose the proper clothing and gear

It is beneficial to dress in layers. Don’t dress too warmly, it doesn’t take long after you start sweating and your clothes get wet until you get cold. Pack extra clothes in your running vest and car and change as often as needed to stay dry and warm.

There are many articles about what hat shirt or jacket or pants to wear, I won’t go into details. The most helpful thing I have seen is What to Wear calculator.

3. Prevent falling, keep your feet protected and warm

Slipping on ice and falling down on ice is certainly no fun, however, it can be prevented with the right gear. Many people use spikes or screws. My preferred way is using sheet metal screws. I use Hex head sheet metal screws, size 8, 3/8” long. You can use a drill, put the screws in the lugs, and it only takes a few minutes to “screw your shoes”. The first time I ran with screws in my shoes, I was running on a sheet of ice and I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was.

A great way to keep your feet protected and warm is to use gaiters. The picture about is of my running partners and I at a recent event. Gaiters will keep the snow and any other debris out of your shoes, which in turn keeps your feet warmer.

Other tips for keeping your feet warm are wearing wool socks, and when it’s really cold, wear 2 layers, you can also put hand or foot warmers in your shoes.

4. Keep your head and face protected and warm

Keeping your head warm is very important, in addition to all the choices of hats and a hood on your running jacket, wearing a buff on your head is another alternative. The picture shows some ways to wear it.

Some ways to keep your face protected are wearing a buff around your neck and pulling up over your nose. In very cold, a balaclava is a life saver. Additionally, Ski Googles are great, they act as sunglasses and don’t fog up.

5. Keep your Hydration bladder or water bottle(s) from freezing

Having your hydration bladder, hose, or water bottles freeze is no fun. I learned about this the hard way and want you to avoid this problem.

Some things you can you do are:

  • Use hose that is insulated
  • After you take a drink, blow the water into the bladder
  • Tuck it inside you’re your shirt
  • Wear a jacket or other layer of clothing over your vest
  • Add electrolytes or alcohol to lower the freezing point
  • Fill your bladder or water bottle with room temperature or slightly warm water


Chain o Lakes 16FEB20-2 resized

Champions know there is no offseason, the offseason is the season. Don’t let winter stop your training and fun.

Follow these “5 Ways to Make Winter Running Fun” and go outside and enjoy your run!






How I Broke My Sugar Addiction

I have been Sugar free for over 3 full months. This blog will tell you How I did it and give you some tips so you can too. I did not think it was possible, but it is. You CAN break your sugar addiction!


A friend of mine loved to say, “let’s define terms”. When I say sugar, I am talking about highly processed high sugar foods like candy, cake, soda or pop or other foods with high sugar. This definition also includes most fruits, yes, I said fruits, I can hear some object saying It’s natural sugar, however sugar is still sugar. I am also talking about reducing the amount of sugar in other food, it is shocking and appalling when you read the food labels and see how much sugar is in so many foods. My starting point was to eliminate all the highly processed – high sugar foods like candy and reduce my sugar intake of other foods starting at 30 grams per day and reducing that amount each week.

Let’s get into the details of how it did it.

The first step was I had to admit that I had a problem. Step 1 of the 12 steps says “We admitted we were powerless over our addictions and compulsive behaviors, that our lives had become unmanageable.” The week before I stopped eating sugar gave me plenty of opportunities to see how bad my problem was.

I  planned to win

Zig Ziglar in His book “Born to Win” said “You were born to win, but to be the winner you were born to be you must plan to win and prepare to win! Then, and only then, can you legitimately expect to win.” This is great advice that can be applied to breaking your sugar addiction.

My plan was picking a date when I would stop eating sugar. The day before, I ate and drank as much sugar as I wanted for one last binge. A very important step was to get rid of ALL of the sugar in the house! If you have a family or roommate, ask them to keep their candy or other sugary foods out of your view.  An alcoholic who wants to stay sober would get the alcohol of their house, sugar is just as dangerous, GET it out of your Sight! I knew I could not trust myself to stay out of the candy or other sugary foods. This has served me well.

I prepared to win.

Before quitting sugar, I had watched a documentary about sugar, and how following standard American diet has failed and obesity that impacted me.

To succeed, I educated myself about sugar. I started learning how bad sugar is and the problems it can cause, for example; obesity, increased risk of type 2 diabetes, risk of heart disease, risk of depression, and can your energy.
I learned just how addicting sugar is and that eating sugar makes you crave more sugar.
I also looked up some of the benefits of quitting sugar such as: losing weight, preventing mood shifts or swings and reduced the risk of depression, reducing inflammation, increased focus and mental clarity, more energy, and no energy slumps, can lower blood pressure

 An important part of preparing is developing a strong WHY. Think about why you want to quit and the benefits of a sugar free life. For me the biggest reason was weight loss, I am very active with running and walking, yet I was still overweight. I set big goals for running and needed to get better and losing weight helps. I also did not like being out of control and how bad I felt after a sugar binge.

I expected to win.

I planned to win and prepared to win; therefore, I could expect to win.  I made up my mind that I would succeed. Henry Ford said, ‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.’ Go into this journey with the mindset that you can do this, and you will do this.

The Plain Truth

I’m not going to sugar coat it, (pun intended) the process is simple, but it is hard. You will go through a similar process as someone who quits alcohol. You will most likely experience some physical pain of sugar withdrawal or detox. At first, you will miss the sugar. If you are like me, who had a love affair with sugar You will see other people eating it and want it. You may feel worse before you get better, but you WILL feel better and see that it is worth it.

In a short time, I began to feel better in so many ways:

  • Physically, I started losing weight, I am feeling stronger and faster in my runs. I used to have pain in my leg that caused me to slowly build up to running in the 1st few miles, that problem healed itself.
  • The sugar cravings stopped.
  • My moods have been stable and have not had any depression.
  • My energy has improved tremendously.
  • I was surprised and grateful for the unexpected mental changes such as; More focus and mental clarity.
  • New dreams and goals like inspiring people through public speaking, writing and making videos.


  • Admit you have a problem and be willing to change.
  • Make your plan and pick a start date.
  • Remember your WHY.
  • Remember the benefits and how much better you will feel.

My favorite modern-day Motivational Speaker is Eric Thomas. When I run, I often listen to him say “I can, I Will, I must”.
I want you to say out loud with me “I can, I Will, I must”.
Say it again, “I can, I Will, I must”.

Pick your start date to stop eating sugar, stick with it and DON’T quit! You can do it! You can, you will, you must.


















Zig Ziglar – “You Were Born To Win”

Zig-born to win

Zig Ziglar was one of the best and most popular motivational speakers. After watching a documentary on Amazon Prime called “Zig: You Were Born to WIN” I have a renewed interest and respect for one of my all-time favorites, Zig Ziglar.

Plan to WIN

Make a plan to win. “Planning has to be based on getting a clear vision of what you want because without a vision you don’t know which goals to set. Without goals, you have no targets, and without targets, you have nothing to measure how you’re doing”.

Zig was great at talking about goal setting. Zig’s goal-setting covered 7 major areas which are called “The Wheel of Life”, it has seven spokes, and each spoke a core area of life; Mental, Spiritual, Physical, Family, Financial, Personal, and Career.

The 7 steps of goal planning:

Step 1: State the Goal
Step 2: Set a Deadline
Step 3: Identify the Obstacles
Step 4: Identify the People, Groups, and Organizations that Can Assist
Step 5: List the Benefits of Achieving the Goal
Step 6: List the Skills You Need to Acquire to Attain the Goal
Step 7: Develop a Plan

Prepare to WIN

Automobile University

Preparing to win takes time and knowledge. With all the things competing for your time, who has the time to read or watch videos? There is another way…  Zig coined the phrase “Automobile University”. He quoted a study by the University of Southern California, “if you live in a metropolitan area and drive 12,000 miles a year you can acquire the equivalent of two years of college education in three years’ time by listening to educational information in your car”.  If you don’t drive much, then maximize your time and get educated while exercising.

Expect to Win

If you have planned to win and prepared to win, then you should EXPECT to win. You put in the work, you should expect the reward. Successful athletes plan and prepare for their wins, they go to their event and expect to win. “If you don’t see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner” (Zig Ziglar)

Take action today and be the winner you were born to be. Remember, plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.




Invasion of Privacy – Facebook ads what can you do?

You are browsing in incognito mode, clear your history, and yet you are getting ads on the subject you were browsing. Feels like an Invasion of Privacy.

There is a scene in Parks and Recreation that illustrates the problem and how Ron solves it in a typical Ron “Freakin” Swanson way. You can watch it on YouTube;  “Parks and Recreation – Ron vs. Online Privacy (Episode Highlight)”

April: “There are these things called cookies, where like if you go to a site and buy something, it’ll remember you and create ads for other stuff you might want to buy”
Ron “So it learns information about me, seems like an invasion of privacy
April: “Dude, if you thank that’s bad, go to google earth and type in your address.”

As comical as Ron is, there are some practical steps you can take:

  1. Close other browser windows while surfing, then close or quit the browser.
  2. Use one of my favorite FREE tools CCleaner.There is both a Windows and Mac version.
  3. Turn off Ad personalization in Google.
    1. Go to Google my account page and then click on ‘Data & Personalization’ (left side)
    2. Scroll down this page and find the Ad personalization Click ‘Go to ad settings’ and click the button to turn ad personalization off. By switching this off, you’ll no longer see personalized ads on YouTube, in Google searches, or on websites that use Google advertising.
  4. Change Facebook Ad settings.
    1. Click the drop-down arrow next to the notification bar at the top right. On the drop-down menu that appears, click Settings.
    2. Click Ads on the left side. On the ‘Ads’ page you’ll have a number of options to choose from: Ads based on data from partners, Ads based on your activity on Facebook Company Products that you see elsewhere, and Ads that include your social actions

These steps may not stop all of the tracking, but what else can you do? Keep surfing or throw your computer in the trash like Ron Swanson.

Ron throws away computer

You can break your sugar addiction

Have you ever said I could never stop eating sugar or I can’t break my sugar addiction? Felt out of control or helpless?
I have been sugar-free for over 2 months. I did not think it was possible. I have GOOD NEWS for you, there is Hope, you can break your sugar addiction and cravings.

I had a serious sugar addiction and thought I could never stop. For example, I went to a Thanksgiving dinner I had one brownie, next thing I knew I had 4… At another dinner I had an ice cream bar, then I craved more sugar and I was searching for candy and drank a root beer.

When I ate sugar. I craved more. I could not just eat one or 2 of something, my sugar addiction was like an alcohol addiction. One brownie wasn’t enough, and 1 brownie was too much. I admitted I had a problem and was ready to make a change. I made a decision to stop eating Sugar on Dec. 1, 2019. Within a week the cravings stopped. I feel so much better! I’m not going to lie to you and say it’s easy, but it’s worth it and YOU CAN DO IT! I was able to break free of sugar and so can you!

I had someone say to me “I could never stop eating sugar”. That inspired me to make this video. I used to feel that way too. I made this video to inspire and give people hope that “You can break your sugar Addiction” I broke my sugar addiction and you can too, you can do it!

You Can Break Your Sugar Addiction-you can do it