The K.E.Y to Unlocking Your Passions

The K.E.Y to Unlocking Your Passions

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The Key Story.

I received a large envelope from a dear friend, inside was a letter and a key with a word engraved in it. I was thinking WHAT is this about?  Have you ever heard of a giving key or inspiration key? I did not until I got this letter.  It is basically a key that has a word on it that holds meaning for the person carrying it, then one day in the future you pass it on to someone who you think needs that in their life or you believe embodies that word. The letter went on to say that after watching my Ice Breaker speech; “Set Yourself on Fire”, she knew that I was the person who should have this key. Take guess at what is on the key. Believe it or not, it’s the word FIRE.

The KEY to unlocking your passions.

The K in the Key to unlocking your Passion is Know what passion is and is not.

Know what passion is and is not.

According to Mel Robbins, “Passion is not a person, place, or thing, it is the feeling of being energized.”

In other words: Passion is just energy, it is something you feel, passion is something that energizes you.

Let’s redefine passion as something that energizes or excites you.

The E in the Key to Unlocking your Passions is Explore your passions by making a list.

Explore your passions by making a list.

Your passions are inside of you, take some time, and explore these. Write down what energizes you. Write down what excites you. What Fires you up?  Use F.I.R.E to remember some guidelines when making your list.

  1. Forget the reasons you think you can’t. Don’t think you either can’t have it because you don’t think you’re smart enough or good enough or worthy enough or maybe you think you’re too old or you’ve told yourself you can’t make a living doing it or have a hard time thinking you could be successful doing it. If you did not care what anybody else thought, what would you be doing with your life?
  2. Income. Don’t let concerns making a living stop you from putting something on your list. Ask yourself this, if you took money off the table if you didn’t have to pay the bills doing it, what would you do with your life.
  3. Repeat making your list on another day without looking at your first list, then look at both lists for things that appear on each list.
  4. Envy. Who do you find yourself envious of and look at their life and think how awesome it would be if you did that.

The Y in the Key to unlocking your passions is Yearn for your passions.


Yearn for your passions

Have a strong desire to live out your passions and start pursuing them.

LIVE out your passions.

  1. Learn all you can – Make use of Google, YouTube, classes, and everything else you can find.
  2. Invest your time and money in pursuing your passions.
  3. Visit with others that are doing what you want to do.
  4. Exercise your passions through massive activity

Recap and Challenge

The K.E.Y to unlocking your passions is:

Know what passion is – simply something that energizes or excites you

Explore your passions – make your list

Yearn for your passions – have a strong desire to live out your passions by learning and doing.

My challenge to you is to get out your KEY and unlock your passions.


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